From Side Hustle
to Six Figure Business
in Six Steps

 In this tell-all case study, I share the six chapters of business and life lessons I experienced to go from a side hustler, to a six-figure (and onto multi-six-figure!) business owner.

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Some of this might sound familiar...

Just a few years ago, I was a girl working as a paralegal in New York City for an entry-level salary. AKA, not a livable salary for NYC standards. My job was stressful and intense, and not exactly my dream come true.

I thought everything in my life was how it should be. I had...

  • A good job
  • Recent acceptances into great law schools,
  • A boyfriend who I was crazy about
  • An apartment with my best friend in the heart of my favorite city.

    So, why was a voice in my head telling me that something was wrong?

    I didn’t know why, but that voice led me to start a side hustle and explore what else was out there.

Just three years from that initial starting point, I turned that “for fun” side hustle into a multiple six-figure business, my full-time job, and my vessel to make my greatest possible impact on the world.

It took me....

  • changing my career path
  • quitting my job without a backup plan
  • traveling alone to Asia
  • experiencing traumatic grief,
  • a year without side hustle success
  • credit card debt

    ... to get there. Here's my story in six chapters.

Each chapter summarizes what happened in my life and business during that time. I’m also including the biggest takeaways from each chapter. These are gold and if you follow them, you’ll see amazing results.

I also share transparently what parts of each chapter still plays a role in my business today.

Here’s my story. I know it will help your own!