Client Abundance

Never wonder where your clients and customers are coming from again

Welcome to Client Abundance

No matter how driven you are as a side hustler and entrepreneur, you're only half the puzzle to success. You need those clients and customers to make this profitable. This program will help you do that. 

A Message from Leah...

 Let me guess....

You are a driven side hustler

You've got tons of amibition, drive and passion for your entrepreneurial and side hustle pursuits. You want to make that extra money around your 9-5 job, pay off those pesky student loans, build financial security and even double your income. You believe in yourself and are ready to make this happen.

The truth is, you are only half the equation! The other important part?

Your clients and customers. 

The single biggest obstacle I hear side hustles face is wondering where there clients or customers will come from (especially those first few clients). And, the reality is, it doesn't matter how great your product or service or website is if no one is able to find it!  

We don't become entrepreneurs so we can become sales people

So finding those clients and customers and selling to them isn't always the most natural thing in the world. But, it's so important. 

And that's what I'm here to help you do...

I'm Leah!

I help young professionals all over the world increase their income around their 9-5 jobs, and not just for some extra cash. But, so that they can pay off student debt years in advance, travel, and overall transform this amazing time in our lives. 

I have made money online and side hustling in nearly every way you can think of.

Learning to freelance allowed me to travel throughout Southeast Asia alone for months. I made money freelance writing online and it supported my travels. 

Learning to blog has set up passive income streams from me that I enjoy every single month, and diversified my side hustle income greatly. 

Learning to coach and create helpful products for young professionals has expedited my own student loan payback process, contributes to my retirement fund, and even sometimes matches the income of my day job.

I know first hand how powerful side hustling and making money online is. But, I also know how frustrating and disheartening it can be to find those clients and customers, especially at first. 

And that lack of sales can lead to all sorts of negative mind chatter...

Is this market oversatured? Is there no more room for me?

 This isn't why I started side hustling. I want to work, not sell!

Am I ever really going to make money doing this? Maybe I'm not meant for this. 

My product or service just isn't good enough. Others have done it bettter.

Stop right there!

If any of that resonates with you, then you're in the right place! 

Here's my little sercret. Every single client, customer, follower, puchaser, and so on tha I've ever had through any type of side hustling has all come from one place...

My email list.

What's an email list? It's a list of email subscribers who have voluntarily opt-ed into your email list to get more information from you, hear from you and communicate with you. 

This is also how you then build trust with your email subscribers, find out what sort of product or service they need, and when you are ready to sell, they will already know you, love you, and be ready to work with you! 

Time to tell that negative mind chatter to go fly a kite.

A little more on how and why this works...

I started to work building my email list about a year ago, but as you can see from the graph below, it grew at a pretty slow pace. It wasn't until a couple of months ago, when I realized that every sale, customer or client I ever had came from that email list that I started to really fine tune my email list building strategy.

Now, my email list growing at nearly a 200% rate every single month, and that growth rate is increasing every single day. 

This is largely due to three strategies in particular that have transformed my lead generation, and those three are what I teach in Client Abundance.

“Having a high-quality list guarantees that you always have opportunity to generate revenue in your business”

- Amy Porterfield

What's inside Client Abundance: 

Module 1: Setting up for Success Don't worry if you don't have an email list started yet. We go from the foundation up for all you need to do this right. 

Module 2: (free!) Software to build that list The tech behind some of the software that'll help skyrocket and manage that list. 

Module 3: Giving a free gift in exchange for emails Let's develop some killer methods to get the right kind of people (future customers!) on your email list. 

Module 4: Tech tutorials Behind-the-scenes of opt-in development so you don't have to guess how to create these. 

Module 5: Optimize your website No matter how great your gift or you are, people need to be easily able to sign up. We'll make sure of that.  

Module 6: Three key strategies The gold of this course- these are the three strategies that have brought my email list from 10% monthly increase to doubling every single month! 

Module 7: Sending the right emails Once people are on your email list, make sure they are being taken care of with these email relations and sales email strategies. 

Wondering if this is for you but want to chat a little more? 

I would never want you to invest in something you weren't sure was the right fit and able to satisfy your needs. Simply shoot me an email here to set up a call and I'll be happy to go into your specific branding needs. 

This is NOT a sales call. It's up to you whether this feels right for you or not. I'll answer your branding questions no matter what!