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Here's what to expect...

The type of content that makes a VIP day transformation life-changing (that's right, even in just one day!)

How and when to market it (hint- the clients are probably already in the community)

Defining what's different about a VIP day vs. one-on-one coaching and who would be better for what

Here are the details...

When is this?

Friday, the 17th at 12 PM ET. Yes, there will be a replay!

AND there will be a replay!

Who is this for?

Whether you're a...

🖥️ Marketing strategist
🥒 Health coach
👩‍🏫 Business mentor
💫 Transformational coach
📲 Blogger
💑 Relationship coach

... or anything in between...

This workshop will change your business.

Who is teaching this:

I'm Leah Gervais, the founder of Urban 20 Something and a leading business coach for powerhouse entrepreneurs. I specialize in marketing and mindset.

In my work with tons of entrepreneurs, I see sales as one of the hardest ceilings to breakthrough. And it's no wonder- it doesn't exactly feel nautral!

But with the right mindset, strategy, and services to sell, sales can become easy, fun, and even natural.

From there, you unlock the freedom from your business you've probably been craving from the day you started it.

VIP days are one of my FAVORITE ways to get coaching transformation success- both participating as a client and coaching my own clients.

You'll see transformations take place in one day- the same ones that could take months otherwise. Plus- they're fabulous and lots of fun!

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