For online business owners

Three simple ways to find hidden money in your online business

You've worked HARD. You have...

  • An audience that you've worked hard to build
  • Replaced your 9-5 income and that's only the beginning!
  • Quit your corporate job to become your own boss

... and you deserve to make the most of what you've created. Implement these tips and raise your income today.

What do we mean, hidden money? 📈 

So often, we, as entrepreneurs, focus on building more, creating more, and doing more. But in this moment, the smarter thing to do is pause and look at what you've already created. We'll tap into...

📈 Former clients and customers in a way that services them
📈 Giving more value to current clients (in ways you wouldn't expect!)
📈 My favorite way to connect with those that know who you are, but haven't bought from you yet.

Who is your teacher?  

I'm Leah and I'm a business coach for online entrepreneurs. I work with my clients to "squeeze the juice" out of their businesses.

You've worked SO hard to build a business, but so often, it's easy to get caught up in what's next, what's more, and the next shiny object.

I'll help you find the money that's already at your fingertips, and do so in a place of service.


What you can expect in this training: 


There is no denying that we're in a challenging chapter collectively right now. Whether your business has been totally thrown off, you've been laid off from your 9-5 and want to be full-time on your own now, or just want to keep your current business thriving, we can all use some additional income right now.

This workshop will walk you through three locations and three strategies that can help you find money that already exists in your business.

This is a free workshop that can lead you to doubling your monthly income... quickly!

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