Ready for consisent five-figure months?

New training: Five reasons you haven't seen consistent five-figure months yet

I see you. You've started the business. You've made some money. You've got an audience.

But that five-figure mark is still just too far away... 

This training can fix that. We'll cover:

  • Five key reasons it hasn't happened yet
  • Instant ways to boost your income (seriously!)
  • The single mental shift to get you into the proper frame of mind  

It's time to focus on your legacy and make your business bigger than you. I'll show you how!

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Who created this?

I'm Leah Gervais, the founder of the business coaching company, Urban 20 Something. I started my for-fun blog in 2016 as a side hustle to try and earn a few hundred (maybe a thousand?) dollars around my 9-5 job. I poured my heart out on my blog as I struggled to find my way as a 20-something in New York City.

Three years later, and that side hustle had become my six-figure, full-time business. Most importantly, it allowed me to teach other ambitious but directionless entrepreneurs how to do the same!  

Why a five-figure month?

Because I know how life-changing five figure months are! Once I started having consistent five figure months in my business, I was able to start heavily investing in my business AND paying myself more than I ever made in corporate America.

How do I teach this?

Five-figure months are what I work closely on my clients to achieve because it bridges them from "just making enough" to their next level. Now, having seen it done time and time again, and seeing what keeps people from reaching it, I'm sharing it all!