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Build Your Legacy, from Your Laptop

Having the freedom to work from wherever comes with opportunities of travel, flexibility, and scalability.

 It's equally as powerful when life's challenges arise.

But what most entrepreneurs miss is the shift from building their business to building their LEGACY.

Let me show you how to build something bigger than you.

Who is teaching this:

I'm Leah Gervais, the founder of Urban 20 Something and a leading business coach for powerhouse entrepreneurs. I specialize in marketing and mindset.

From day 1 of building my business, one of my biggest "whys" has been the ability to work from anywhere on my computer.

I wanted to travel more, to have more flexibility and control, to put my health first, and all the other benefits that come with the freedom of working remotely.

But to my surprise, this laptop lifestyle has been the most important for the challenges life throws at you: not being able to leave home, health issues, dealing with grief... all much more managable with only a laptop.

My location-indepdence is the greatest gift I've ever given to myself. And while it's popular to run a business from your laptop, I care more about you building your LEGACY from your laptop.

Now, I'm able to work from anywhere in the world:

Los Angeles


Tel Aviv


What to expect...

Starting March 23

1- Video series. Sign up for this free series to get access to three video series all about exactly what I did to powerfully build my laptop business. I'm pulling back the curtain on my own journey completely.

2- Challenge with prizes. Join this series for our three part series and you'll be in the running to win prizes, including a entrepreneurship support ($997 value) or gift cards to your favorite local restaurant. 

What are the video trainings on?



  • 5 biggest mindset shifts I made
  • BTS of my story like never before
  • My 5 daily mindset steps



  • My #1 driving force in marketing
  • How to use cornerstone content
  • My 3 categories to create content



  • 5 biggest mindset shifts I made
  • BTS of my story like never before
  • My 5 daily mindset steps


Prizes for three lucky winners:

1- FREE entrepreneurial materials

Typically starting at a $997 value, get free support to tackle your business questions and map out your next level.

2- Gift card to your fav local restaurant!

In the spirit of small and local business, we're giving away gift cards to your choice of local restaurant or bar to treat yourself! We acknowledge you might be not be out and about right now, but you'll have it whenever you are, and in the immediate time, you're supporting your favorite local business!

Who this is for...

❌ You've started the business. You did the hardest part, so why is it still so much harder than it should be?

❌ You've had the wins. Social media following? Check. Replaced your 9-5 salary? Check. Had some financial wins? Yep. But you're ready for more.

❌You've taken the risks. You're ready to reap your rewards.

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