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Limitless List

Learn to skyrocket your email list, build an engaged audience of customers, and automate your sales.

You've heard it a million times: you need an email list...

Sounds great! But it's not so simple. Instead...

  • You're spending too many hours creating opt-ins but not having many sign up...
  • You're getting more unsubscribes than subscribes
  • You a list, but you're not sure what to do with them...?
  • You're not seeing passive income come for your list
  • Your income, in general, is inconsistent
  • If you're spending all this time building your list, when do you have time for working with clients or customers...?

Things aren't adding up, your precious time is being wasted and you're leaving money on the table.

Just imagine...

  • Your list growing by 50-75 new subscribers every week
  • Passive sales coming from both your new and existing subscribers
  • Never again guessing where your next sale will come from
  • A totally automated list-generating strategy
  • More time to focus on your products, services and clients
  • Peace of mind and true business growth- FINALLY!

That's the power of a high-quality list and an effective email marketing strategy. 


You get 8 JAM PACKED modules...

  • You’ll receive weekly workbooks on that week’s focus topic for you to dive deep into the subject matter and map out how the topic plays out in your side business. 
  • You'll have lifetime access to these modules to revisit as you continue to grow and use the techniques on a larger scale.
  • Plan to spend 3-4 hours per week on the modules and make the most of this program during its duration.

About Your Teacher

I'm Leah, the founder of, and I am SO glad you're here!

When I started my website, it was a "for fun" blog that documented a confusing time in my life. As I started to monetize it, I quickly became overwhelmed with the advice out there about what I HAD to do. Every day, it felt like something new popped up: social media, advertising, SEO, blogging, email marketing, website design... it was simply too much!

So, I chose to narrow my focus, and I prioritzed growing my email list

Within six months, I had started experiencing months in which my email list grew by over a thousand subscribers per month. Not only did this help when I sold something (more on that below), but it grew relationships with my audience that informed the products and services I created. Think about it: emailing with your audience is like being able to casually text your ideal client or customer. It's incredibly valuable for both you and them. 

This skyrocketing of my email list built me passive income streams, strengthened my sales, built my brand and skyrocketed my income. 

And now, I'm on a mission to share what I've learned with you: the driven entrepreneur that's ready grow their business, brand and income without overwhelming your to-do list. Unlock the power of an email list once and for all.

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The Module Breakdown...

Week 1- List-Building Mindset

If you don’t start with the right frame of mind and goals, it’s hard to move forward in an effective way. Start off your eight weeks by ensuring you understand all that goes into building a high-quality list that will get you results. Believe it or not, the information in this module is what most don’t know and why most get it wrong

Week 2- Make them irresistable (literally!)

You understand building an email list is critical, and you’ve started putting forth strategies to do so. The problem? They’re not working as quickly or well as they should. Learn what type of content people will be eager for, landing pages with high conversion rates, and where to put your subscription forms for maximum conversions. 

Week 3- Leveraging Your Facebook Page

Using Facebook to grow your email list could be an entire program within itself! Learn to leverage this powerful platform in ways that make the most sense for your business, nothing generic here! Learn innovate, unique strategies for making the absolute most of Facebook’s power to grow your list. 

Week 4- Leveraging Facebook Ads to Grow

The easiest and most passive way to get traffic to your website! Learn to use Pinterest strategically to generate traffic to your website and your email subscription forms, and do so in a very time-efficient way!

Week 5- Leveraging Instagram

Instagram is not only a great tool for branding, it’s an excellent list-building tool! This is far too often overlooked in a world of “likes” and “follows”- turn all those likes and follows into email subscribers, and eventually your clients and customers! It takes strategy, and it’s so worth it.

Week 6- Welcome Your Subscribers

Master the art of warming your subscribers up once they're introduced to you. Since we are growing your email list from a number of sources, we want to make sure that they're able to learn about you and your work no matter where they're first introduced to you. 

These are some of your most impactful and opportunistic emails, so this module is very powerful.

Week 7- Nurturing Your Email List

In the entrepreneurial world, we often hear about how important list-building is, but we don't learn enough about what to do with your list once you have them. This is where the true business power of an email list comes in- you have access to your ideal customer and client in the most intimate way. Learn how to cultiatve a relationship with them that benefits both the growth of your business and serve your audience.

Week 8- Selling to Your Email List

Learn the ins and outs of sales email, sales funnels, and automated sales sequences. There's SO much power behind a thorough sales email marketing method, but if you're only sending sporadic sales emails without a true strategy, you're leaving a lot of automated income on the table. 

This is what being a side hustler and having passive income is all about! Learn to master the sales emails and sales strategy.

Your Results from this Program:

  • At least one power opt-in that is high-converting and always working.  
  • At least five audiences and places to find your high-quality and easily converting subscribers from  
  • Email sequencing and roadmapping to create passive income streams
  • Confidence in sending successful sales emails
  • An on-brand, business boosting email strategy

Meet some alum!

"Limitless List was truly an amazing experience! This course gives you the exact steps you need to successfully establish and grow your list in a short amount of time. Not only have I seen consistent growth of my email list--it's almost doubled since I started the program--I now know how to figure out WHAT to offer my audience and how to nurture them once they're subscribed, which is that critical factor that many people miss.  

There are so many different options for opt-ins out there, it can be overwhelming to pick which one to start with, and Leah's concept of Power Opt-Ins really simplifies the process. I was able to create an opt-in that converts at 48%, and the guided Facebook & Instagram tutorials have allowed me to simplify and automate the process of getting new subscribers This course cuts the fluff and keeps you focused on the basics, including how to leverage your list for immediate sales.  

Overall, Limitless List is a MUST if are looking to skyrocket your growth the right way." 

Kathryn Roberts, Blogger and Mentor for Women,  

"I wanted to grow, nurture, and communicate on a more regular basis with my target audience. I knew I could do the research and learn how to do this on my own, but I also knew that if I worked with a business coach, I could do it faster. And after a brief introductory phone call, I knew Leah had the knowledge and experience I was looking for. Since working with her, my subscriber list has almost doubled. I have more active communication with people on my Facebook business page.  

Leah is professional, proactive, and prompt; energetic and friendly. She pushed and listened in equal measure, always seeming to know which one I needed. She is an entrepreneur with a quick mind and a big heart who cares about building community and success beyond her own."  

Dawn Leas, Writer,  

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Get all 8 modules on building and nurturing your list today!