How to Start a Side Business

Workshop for female side hustlers + entrepreneurs


Side Business Success in 2018

Because you can still be an entrepreneur, even with a 9-5 job....

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What we'll cover...

- What's a side business? How is this different than any other business? The answer: this is designed for busy young professionals. - What's my side business selling? You want to build a business, but don't have an idea, a mission or any clue where to start? We'll go over all that. - Do I really have what it takes to start a business, double my income, and create something of my own? You sure do! You (yes, you!) have something great to offer the world, and it's your job to let that shine.  

About Leah

I'm so excited you'll be joining this masterclass! Figuring out how to monetize my creativity and my passions has truly changed my life- and yes, it's as fun as it sounds! I'm pulling back the curtain in this free masterclass to give you all the details on how I found what I could teach, how I create products, and how I've found an audience that loves what I sell.

This is a LIVE masterclass and I'll be answering your questions throughout. It will be available for only a short time after, so I hope to see you there live!

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