Start Your Successful Side Hustle 

Your solution to a successful side hustle from the ground up... without any MLM parties on Facebook, babysitting crying children, or selling your soul to freelance clients.

Taught LIVE by Leah, January 2020

I started my side hustle out of despriation. I wanted more money than my day job, I wanted ownership of something, and I wanted to do it RIGHT. (Babysitting got old, fast.) 

Simply put, I was selling myself short with my potential. In under 3 years, my side hustle my full-time job and generated six-figures in revenue in under one year. 

Now it's time to unlock YOUR side hustle potential.

Think a profitable side hustle has to be this....?

Spending all night and day trying to find freelance clients...?

Dreading the flood of MLM notifications into your friends inbox...?

Babysitting, dog walking, or house sitting, like you're still in highschool?

My students turn theirs into this:

I'm Leah, and side hustling changed my life. 

I started my website,, as a "for fun" blog in 2016. I had no idea that in just two years, it would go from a creative side hustle to my self-employed, full-time job and a business that earns me over $10,000 in sales every month!

In building my website and business, I have tried everything under the sun. Blogging, social media, freelancing, making money online, advertising... you name it. All of this trial and error brought it's ups and downs, and there were certainly times where I did not know if I was going to make it. Because of this long, winding path and the success I've now achieved, I know what works.

I knew I needed a side hustle when I felt STUCK

At the time I...

Was a paralegal at a great law firm in Manhattan, but was making entry-level salary in one of the most expensive cities in the world.

I had tons of student loans after attending one of the most expensive schools in the country.

I counted every. single. dollar. I spent to try and be responsible with my money, but it was exhausting and not what I wanted out of my life.

Counting coins, peanut & jelly dinners, and an insaley stressful job was not exactly what I envisioned.

So I started researching

I spent hours every day on Pinterest and Google trying to find side hustles to change my situation.  

I started seeing bloggers, entrepreneurs, and influencers online living a VERY different lifestyle than I was.

The truth was that at first, this made me feel bad about myself. I got into all sorts of drama in thinking that they must...

  • Have family money to be living like this
  • Be better at their jobs and have gotten raises
  • Got into their industry at the "right time" and I missed it  
  • Didn't have student loans so this was easier for them

All excuses disguising my underlying fear that I wasn't actually worthy or capable of living life in a bigger way.

So, I kept going on my "path" toward security. I took the LSATs, and was admitted into law schools.

But something in me knew those were lies...

So, on the day of the deadline to confirm which law school I'd be attending, I did something that surprised even myself! 

I simply declined.

  • I didn't have a job lined up.
  • I didn't even know what field I could get a job in at that point.
  • I had NO savings to make this move with.
  • I didn't know what to do.  

To say I felt lost is an understatement. 

But for the first time in my life, having absolutely no commitments (no job, no mortgage, no school, no pet, just me...) I decided to go to Southeast Asia alone and see what I could learn about myself.

Just weeks after deciding not to go to law school, I took off to the other side of the world with nothing but a backpack.

I started Urban 20 Something to document my story

Though in many ways I felt alone, I knew I couldn't be. That's when I decided to start an actual side hustle, once and for all, and document my story. I called it Urban 20 Something to allude to my journey as a 20-something trying to figure out her life in her dream city of New York. 

That marked the start of endless cafes, coffees, late nights, early mornings pouring over WordPress and tyring to figure out my new side hustle, how to make money, and what in the world I was going to do with my life.

I knew nothing about WordPress, blogging, affiliate marketing... you name it. Oh, and all the unexpected parts of having a website that were terrifying? Creating a social media account, worrying about what other were saying about me, worried about failing... that was all very real. But I continually told myself that I didn't come this far, to only come this far.

No happily ever after yet...

I wish I could say that it all unraveled perfectly from there, but that's not true. 

I still hadn't figured out...

  •  How to monetize a website
  • What I wanted to do with my life
  • When I should go back to the United States
  • If my side hustle was even going to work
  • What I could sell and how to sell it

... You name it.  

 I tried making money from my website with what I thought would be easiest. (Enjoy some of my early blogging attempts from early on in these photos!)

I tried...

  •  Freelance writing
  • Creating digital products
  • Building up social media 
  •  Blogging and gaining traction

But finally, I cracked the code

Selling from my website 

I figured out how to successfully create and sell products digitally. This was scale-able, so I could only make them once and sell them indefinitely. This made a HUGE difference in my income.

Providing lucrative services 

I started working with clients and providing services. This helped me grow my business early on, and taught me TONS about my audience.

Marketing and lead generation that works 

I built business systems that functioned automatically and ALL from my laptop... so I could finally live the laptop lifestyle I used to drool over on Pinterest.

I was even able to make it my full-time job

Celebrating my side hustle exceeding my day job income

After coming back to the United States, getting another job, and having my side hustle grow for nearly a year, I started understanding what it took to...

  • Build a side hustle that made MORE than my day job
  • Make thousands per month, not hundreds, from a side hustle
  • Create an audience and sell things they loved
  • Manage this around my day job
  • Find clarity around my ideas
  • Execute and truly transform my world from it 


My last day at my 9-5! My side hustle became my job.

And that exact success roadmap is what's in Start Your Side Hustle

Start Your Side Hustle is:

A course that'll teach you how to build the infrastructure of a profitable side hustle.

You'll get:

  • In-depth modules to uncover your unique business plan  
  • A tech resource library to walk you through EVERYTHING  
  • Trainings on getting your first client and selling your first product  
  • The low-down on building an audience

Learn and create what tooks me YEARS to do, in a matter of weeks!

Here's what's inside...

Week 1 Your Mindset and Mission 

You have a million ideas, but can't choose which one to move forward with. I've been there! Let's get into action.

  • Go through your brain dump with me, who has helped hundreds start side businesses. I knows what works!
  • Pinpoint exactly what you're going to move forward with and how you can monetize it.

Week 2- Create A Side Hustle Blueprint

Map out how you're going to make it a truly profitable side business moving forward.  

  • Create programs, products and services that you can sell thanks to the infustructure you've worked hard to implement.
  • Design your roadmap to exceed your income goals and transform your financial situation- once and for all!

Week 3- Implementation + Q&A Week 

We cover a LOT of content in this program because we want you to get results quickly. As such, we'll have this week to focus on implementing all that you learn.

  • Apply all the content you're learning to your business with our support. No more Googling for hours!
  • Ask us any questions you have about your goals, your business blueprint, your mindset, etc.

Week 4- What Will You Sell? 

Enough planning, let's get to creating what you'll sell! This is where I walk you through theorder and recipe for side hustle success.

  • Learn how to create an offering early on to make the money you need to get your business soaring!
  • Map out how to create offerings that you KNOW will convert, that will build your business, and that can scale so you can sell them over and over again.

Module 5- Finding Clients & Customers 

Get the word out about how incredible you are! Learn simple yet effective social media tips and set up your email list, as well as sales strategies for success.

  • Learn the unstoppable power of a thriving, quickly-growing email list and automate your sales and business growth using it.
  • Apply simple sales tactics that will attract your ideal customer and client base to your brand.

Modue 6- Implementing + Q&A Week

We cover a LOT of content in this program because we want you to get results quickly. As such, we'll have this week to focus on implementing all that you learn.  

  • Apply all the content you're learning to your business with our support. No more Googling for hours!
  • Ask us any questions you have about your goals, your business blueprint, your mindset, etc.  

Plus, a Tech Resource Library...

... many more videos!

This program is closed


Why this works

As you can see from my story, there's quite a bit that I didn't do right...

1. I didn't pay attention to building an audience

Your brilliant idea won't matter if no one knows about it. That's why building an audience is a fundamental part of this program. 

2. I didn't value scale-ability

Trading your dollars for hours is not exactly fun. That's why we teach digital product sales.

3. I didn't focus on the big picture

I was too concerned about making a $100 here and there freelancing and web designing. That's exhausting, quickly. That's why this program is designed to build the big picture for you.

What others are saying...

"Every week you see your side hustle grow, one step at a time"

"Scale Your Side Hustle was wonderful. It is full of content! Every week something new. Every week you find yourself growing in your side hustle one step at a time. On the group calls, you get to talk to her one on one and your classmates can listen too. The Facebook group is awesome as well. My favorite part... a small classroom. I liked this because you still have the opportunity to stand out in the crowd and have other’s opinions too. My classmates are awesome people as well. We are in different parts of the world. We help and encourage one another. We were all on the same journey with making our side hustles great. We even all had a variety of different side hustles. How awesome is that? One course that is applicable to any side hustle! I had my tough times though figuring out my website or making decisions. Nothing that Leah couldn’t help me figure out. Thank you, Leah!" - Erica Terry, Graphic Designer

"Working with Leah was he best thing to happen to me this year!"

"Working with Leah was a game changer and the best thing that happen to me this year! From our first phone talk I was convinced that Leah would deliver exactly what I needed: meaning a strategic plan in order to create my online business while still having a 9 to 5 job. I have never met such a driven, positive and well organize entrepreneur women! It’s because I want to become like her that I decided to join her program and truly I couldn’t be happier to have decided to invest in myself and work with her. Every module is packed with valuable information and enabled me to reflect and find solutions by myself. Every week, I was looking forward to our group call because I knew I would learn even more and be able to ask her direct questions regarding my struggles and be sure that she would put me back on track and motivate me. The whole course was life changing and really empowering, Leah was our cheerleader and because she shared with me and the group all her secrets to her success I truly believe I can achieve it too and I will!! If you are lost and need precise guidance on how to set up a profitable side or even main hustle, and need someone who will show you the way and empower you along the way, Leah is THE coach you need!" - Ines Schuber, Vegan and Fitness Coach

Leah is a source of knowledge and support for side hustlers

"Leah has helped me in countless ways with my business and side-hustle. I met Leah in a Facebook group a little over year ago and she quickly became a source of knowledge, support, and accountability for me. From her courses, to her workbooks, to her live videos, and now her side-hustle program, I’m continuing to learn from her every single day! This girl has it all and has given me the confidence and the knowledge I need to excel in my business and side hustles. Urban 20 Something has been a go to resource for me over the past year and it’s a huge bonus that Leah is one of the nicest and most helpful people I’ve ever known. She’s always willing to go out of her way to answer questions, provide more clarity, and even to just chat about life! I cannot say enough amazing things about Leah and everything she does!" - Anna McNaught, Digital Artist 

"Since working with Leah, my subscriber list has almost doubled"

"I wanted to grow, nurture, and communicate on a more regular basis with my target audience. I knew I could do the research and learn how to do this on my own, but I also knew that if I worked with a business coach, I could do it faster. And after a brief introductory phone call, I knew Leah had the knowledge and experience I was looking for. Since working with her, my subscriber list has almost doubled. I have more active communication with people on my Facebook business page. I am more confident in my ability to create and mange Facebook ads, write sales copy. I can now also find my way around Mail Chimp much more easily. Leah is professional, proactive, and prompt; energetic and friendly. She pushed and listened in equal measure, always seeming to know which one I needed. Her passion for entrepreneurship and her excitement about sharing her experience so that her clients have an easier, quicker road to success drives her daily. She is an entrepreneur with a quick mind and a big heart who cares about building community and success beyond her own." - Dawn Leas, Writer and Editor 

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