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"I joined SYSH with a business idea I loved, a decent website, 0 clients, 0 email subscribers and 0 Instagram followers with no idea where to go next. Within the first two weeks, I had a 90 day and 6 month plan put together, broken down into weeks and days. Between modules, the support of peers and Leah in the Facebook group and the accountability of a weekly call with personalised support, I discovered a drive I didn’t know I had. I built a roadmap and exceeded all my goals in my second month in business: 10+ discovery calls, 4 clients, over $2K in sales, 2 digital products, 200 professional pictures taken and over 1,000 on my email list. The program has set me up to completely change my life. If you’re considering seriously doing a side hustle, don’t venture into it alone. Untap your potential and create a career by investing in yourself. " - Tanya Neufeld, Consultant for Young Professionals

In two months of business, over $2,000 in sales!