Skyrocket Your Sales Video Series

Three day workshop for online business owners
July 28- July 30

I see you- you love what you do. But you'd love what you do MORE if sales were just a bit simpler.

This free series will walk you through the specifics of improving your sales process, sales strategy, and understanding of sales psychology. This free series alone will give you results- you have SO much to gain.


Day 1: An honest look at the inner

Your business is always a reflection of you, so you're always the best place to start when ready for an up-level!

  • Learn exercises to bring your energy to match your ideal clients'
  • Break down the psychology behind your unique sales process
  • Apply my single biggest sales principle to your business

Day 2: Does the message land?

The greatest product in the world still won't sell successfully if people don't know WHY they should buy it.

  • Learn my favorite exercise for connecting with your ideal clients' desired outcomes
  • Hear the two biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make when creating their marketing materials
  • Walk away with a flawless formula to connect with your clients and customers

Day 3: Sales essentials

With the right mindset and messaging, you're ready to sell your heart out. Make sure you have these essentials:

  • Develop an irresistible reason for your client to buy from you now- not next week, not next year
  • Learn how to overcome the very natural and common objections you'll get in the sales process
  • Hear my three phase, foolproof sales call strategy to roc every sale call you have

Free sales workshop: July 28- July 30.
Replays will be available to those that sign up!


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