Urban 20 and with Money

Urban 20 and with Money

For the driven, ambitious young professional

Who is sick of saying things like this....  

"I can't afford that"  

"I'll travel there eventually"  

"I can't until my next paycheck comes"

Imagine flipping those thoughts into these... 

"I'm so proud that I've doubled my income"  

"I'm so grateful to travel the world at a young age"  

"I've created a website, business and LIFE that I love"  

"I can't believe this is my reality..."  

... that sounds much better, doesn't it?  


The answer is to increase your income. Thanks to the internet- that’s never been easier. 

But at Urban 20 Something, we’re not just about driving for Uber or dog walking to make a little extra cash (though let’s be real- we all could use some extra dog time.)  

We think big.  

Your side hustle isn’t a side task to make some quick cash, it’s a business and it’s your passion. It’s the vehicle for you, as a young professional to make a big impact, reach your big goals and make big money.  

Is building a side business right for you?

The truth is that everyone has a story to share, a lesson to teach, and a message to spread. It's not about being born with it or getting lucky. What everyone doesn't have? Motivation and good direction. We both know you have the motivation it takes, you wouldn't be here if you didnt! As for direction? That's exactly what Urban 20 and with Money is here for. 

Your business mission + vision

You don't have to have a business idea when you come into the course. We will walk you through how to find what's going to work best for YOU.

Automate Your Business

This is not just about creating a business and earning more money, it's about transforming your life as a young professional. That means less late nights and more on autopilot.

Find Your Customers

A good idea isn't worth much if it's just sitting on your desk or on your webiste. We go through how to find people that truly need to hear what you have to say- and will pay you for it!

Monetize Your Passion

It's as great as it sounds. We walk through how to create products that only you could produce, and how to start monetizing quickly.

About the Instructor

I'm Leah and I couldn't be happier you're here! 

I started my side business, Urban 20 Something, when I was going through what I call a quarter-life trap. I was accepted into law school but from a gut reaction decided to decline. Urban 20 Something was born as a way to document the road less traveled I was about to take. 

The problem? I had no idea what to do instead. I did know, though, that I wanted this time in my life to be the most that it could. I didn't want to wait until I was older to travel or life a comfortable lifestyle. And I'm so glad I listened to that. 

After about a year of my website being just "for fun" I started really figuring out how to monetize it in an efficient way- and the efficient part was important because I did it all around my 9-5 job! It took a lot of trial and error, but I couldn't be prouder of what I built. That's why I'm so passionate about helping other young professionals build side businesses of their own- and helping them SKIP the trial and error I went through. 

Let's just get to the good stuff! 

You got this!

You have what it takes to make this happen and I couldn't be more excited to offer you this opportunity.

$97 for the course only  

$397 for the course + three individual support sessions