Urban 20 Someone 

The ultimate ecourse to build a personal website and stand-out digital brand 

What if you had a secret weapon that puts you ahead of your career competition and helped you network in your sleep?  

If that appeals to you, you need a personal website.


Are you tired of waiting for your dream job to find you?  

Do you look at other young professionals who actually like going to work and wonder why that's not happening for you?  

Especially because you know you're qualified for a better job?  

The worst part? You're still living paycheck to paycheck.  

This is not what you pulled all nighters for in college. 

I built Urban 20 Someone to transform that story completely.  


A Magnetic Brand. Be someone that stands out online and in person. Have a brand that people are drawn to, and thus, brings you new jobs, new connections, new freelance opportunities, etc. Stop working for everyone else and bring others to work for you.  


Interviews. Stop wondering if you're going to get those call back interviews or second interviews. Know that you have the tools and portfolio to land that interview and to go further than that phone call. Now, the job search now isn't about if you'll get an interview or not: it's about if you're the right fit or not. And that's a question that goes both ways! That's how the job hunt should be.  

  Confidence. Stop comparing yourself to your peers and wondering why you don't have as many achievements as them or why they're more accomplished. Switch those roles entirely. Now you're the one with the accomplishments that are paying off for you everyday.  


Networking. You know those career role models you want to be just like when you grow up? Two things: 1- you are grown up, the time is now. 2- those people aren't as far away as they may seem. Learn how to build and foster an online brand that gives you the courage and platform to connect with those you admire most.  

  "I'm so glad I have this amazing resource now that has provided me with step-by-step instructions on how to build and improve my personal brand.  

I'm not particularly tech-savvy and in the past, I invested hours of research to try and set up a separate personal website but ended up abandoning the project because I was overwhelmed. The truth was, that I didn't have a roadmap that would not only help me with personal branding but importantly pin down much more specific career goals that would assist me in taking my professional career to the next level. This course has done all that and so much more.  

I especially love the format of the instruction (slides + video + audio) and that the course was packed with so much valuable info! Thank you, Leah!"

- Kim Galeta, KimGaleta.com  

"This course is a must for those trying to build a personal website. Leah explains complicated, technical things in a way that allows anyone to do it, and she explains the easy things in a way that make them seem even easier. I would have loved to have something like this course when I started my own website. I fumbled through the hosting plans and getting everything set up and still don't have some of the things I know I should have on my site. This would've been perfect to have had.  

Even though I have a website, this course still taught me a lot about building an impressive site and I recommend anyone starting out to do so here, where you know you're getting the best and most up-to-date information and getting taught to do it yourself!"  

- Tyler Philbrook, I Am The Future Me

"This great course teaches you to create a platform that is a display of your most impressive accomplishments- it's way more impressive than a regular old resume or LinkedIn Profile. Neither of those things allows you the chance to highlight the skills, assets, and experiences that really shape you as an individual.  

As a millennial career expert, I know that companies are all about protecting the culture these days, and when you have a personal website created through this course, your "living resume" is going to attract exactly the kind of employer who is looking for you. And, Leah's course was so informative, that even though I've been building websites for the last decade, I still learned new things. For instance, one resource she mentions helped me land an interview within the week!"  

- Jessica F. Walker, Jessicafwalker.com


 Learn how to build your personal brand, create a beautiful personal website, and learn how to leverage both to get ahead in your career.

5 Modules

Instantly receive 5 modules of self-study course material to explore and learn at your own pace. This is for the busy young professional who might only have extra time late at night, on the weekends, or early in the morning. I get it. I've also divided each lesson up into 5-15 minutes, so that you can squeeze ones in whenever you can without feeling like you need sit down for hours at a time.


Receive workbooks and worksheets throughout the course as you go through the material to help you put pen to paper and really discover how this material will best serve YOU. A personal brand is... personal! So though the course curriculum provides the framework for these action steps, going through the framework with your own experience as the lens is essential, and that's just what the worksheets will help you do.


Let's look at some facts:  

56% of employers want this. A survey by AYTM Survey showed that over half of hiring managers valued a personal website and that they are impressed with it as a tool.  

7% have it.  

Let that sink in. Even though this is a tool that over 50% of hiring managers want, only 7% of applicants have one. You being one of that small, 7% puts you WAY above your competition. You instantly stand out and have an asset that you know most other people applying to this job won't have.  

For a while, I simply made personal websites for other people. I love doing it: seeing people's vision for themselves and turning it into a powerful platform. But I felt that by not creating it yourself, you take away a bit of that "personal" element. That's why I created this course- to provide young professionals not only with their website, but with the know-how to create it and the total ownership of it.

  "Leah's course helps you navigate the world of branding. I enjoyed the length of each module, some were shorter, and some were longer with the right amount of actionable information. Each section has a worksheet that goes with it, like just the right amount of actionable information. If you're struggling with branding yourself and building your website, but are unsure where to start, Leah's course will help you get on the right track."  

- Angela J. Ford  

"Leah created an incredibly handy guide on setting up a personal website and personal brand. Personal branding can make all the difference in your career yet so few people are taking action with it. This is just the course to get you ahead. The fifth module of this course blew me away and was beyond what I expected to get. It goes far beyond just having a website and hoping you land a job. It is all about being really proactive and making your mark, and Leah shows you just how– love it! Super useful and a must have for young professionals and entrepreneurs alike."  

Miss Balance, All About Balance

About the Instructor

I'm Leah and I'm so grateful you've stumbled here!

This course is near and dear to my heart, as the content I teach in it absolutely changed my life. I went through what I call a "quarter-life trap" when I listened to my gut and decided to decline my law school accpetances. The catch? I had NO idea what to do instead. I quit my job at a law firm (since it no longer made sense to work in that field) and fled the country to "find myself".

Four months later and I was living alone in a small apartment in Bangkok, wondering how on earth I was going to come back to my home in New York when I had no job prospects, no current job to leverage, no contacts in NY, and was living on the other side of the world. 

The answer was so simple: leverage your online presence. You'll then have no problem getting a job- no matter in the world. I couldn't believe how well branding myself worked and am proud to say I ended up landing four jobs in NYC, all while in Thailand!

I now work at a job that I LOVE, and at night I help other young professionals work on their personal brands and side hustles so we can build the security needed to live the life of freedom we desire.